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 Mimi-Oliver: An unlikely-but-likely camaraderie

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Mimi's Reflection

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Mimi-Oliver: An unlikely-but-likely camaraderie Empty
PostSubject: Mimi-Oliver: An unlikely-but-likely camaraderie   Mimi-Oliver: An unlikely-but-likely camaraderie EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 1:40 pm

This would be one of the highlights in the book (even there wasn't much excitement in it).

I was unexpectedly expecting something like this to happen; the impasse between Mimi and Ollie.

Both were heartbroken, losing the ones they love, of course, they would somehow relate to each other. They would likely form a friendship (or somewhat relationship).

The banters between Mimi and Ollie, seriously entertained me, with lines like this:

Mimi: "I didn't know you played."
Ollie: "You don't know a lot of things about me. What do you want, Force? Got another lamp to break?"

I am hoping to see more (and more) of Mimi and Ollie. Not in any romantic way (ever!), but I am hoping their friendship becomes stronger.

So what are your thought on the unlikely friendship between Ms. Force and Mr. Hazzard-Perry?

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Mimi-Oliver: An unlikely-but-likely camaraderie
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