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PostSubject: Application # ()   Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:08 pm


1. How long are you on the forum, per week?

- at least once a day... before I go to sleep (at 8 AM)

2. Do you have any experience moderating? (If yes, where?)

- none yet... but have couple of friends... (remember the last one??)

3. What is one way you think you could help the site?

- by keeping the site updated (as much as possible)... and trying to revive the site... (especially now that the 5th book is up and about)

4. What can you contribute to make Blue Bloods Philippines a better place for fans to hang around in (give at least one)?

- by keeping them safe around... no spoilers in a no spoiler room... respect... the such

5. Do you have any way outside of the forum for us to contact you? (Tinker with your user profile for this).

- yup... i do have Smile
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Application # ()
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