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 Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

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PostSubject: Halo by Alexandra Adornetto   Halo by Alexandra Adornetto EmptyFri Sep 24, 2010 10:11 pm

Heads up Blue Bloods!
I discovered another great read recently. After vamps, I have been pretty hooked on angel novels. Having already read a few, I have yet to find the one series that would really capture my interest. The wait has paid off.

Halo is a story about Bethany, who along with her siblings Gabriel and Ivy, were sent down to Earth to fight the growing powers of Darkness that threatens humankind. They were assigned to protect the small town of Venus Cove. The three angel siblings, in all their divinity, were to pose as a normal family and try to help the town without calling attention to themselves. Forming close relationships with mortals was a big no-no. But young Bethany, who never quite understood why she was chosen for this mission, was the most "human" making it easy for her to make friends and find that special someone. However, falling in love was not part of the mission. It was not simply acceptable in the grand scheme of things but to Bethany’s surprise, Heaven heard her pleas. It seems that the Higher Powers have other plans for Bethany. How long will the Heavens allow Bethany and Xavier to go on with their love and will the growing power of Darkness destroy what is pure are just some of the questions that will keep you waiting for the next instalment.

Halo is quite a breath of fresh air. I have already read other angel novels and I just have to say that this one is different. It is deeper and has that "divine connection". By that, I mean not only does the novel tell of a love story between a mortal and an angel but it also makes the reader appreciate life, God's gifts and most of all hope

So any other Blue Blood there who has read this?

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Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
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