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 Jack Character Portrayer

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PostSubject: Jack Character Portrayer   Wed May 05, 2010 11:00 am

Which actor(s) do you think can portray Jack?

I am partial to Mitch Hewer (of Skins fame)

and Chace Crawford. lol!

Mitch has the platinum blonde hair and I suppose the height. And he can still pull of the teenage character. Plus he's hot. Seriously!
And for Chace, before Mitch came into my life, Chace was Jack to me. (Not Alex Pettyfer, Alex will always be Jace to me). Since Jack is a New Yorker, and Chace plays Nate on GG who lives in New York. He gives that bad boy/good boy vibe.

What about you? Who's your Jack? What a Face

Icons grabbed from LJ


LL sig from LJ/Team Jack by me
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Jack Character Portrayer
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