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 Character Biography: Jack Force

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Full Name: Benjamin Hamilton Force
Nick Names: Jack, Black Jack (in childhood)
Status: Blue Blood; Abbadon, Angel of Destruction, Twin Angel of the Apocalypse, the Unlikely, the Enforcer, Destroyer of Worlds
Date of Birth: June 7, 1991
Originally from: New York
Hair color: Platinum Blond
Eye color: Green
Height: 6'2"
Physical description: The two of them (Mimi and Jack) shared the same pale, platinum blond hair, the same creamy, translucent skin, the same hooded green eyes, and the same long, slender limbs.
Personality: Taciturn and observant
Occupation: Student, Committee Member
Family members: Madeleine (Mimi) Force, Charles Force, and Trinity Force
Personal history: Was nicknamed 'Blackjack' in childhood because of his tantrums. It was later shortened to 'Jack' in adolescence. He was unable to sit still or concentrate and was diagnosed by human psychiatrists as having ADD. His symptoms disappeared once the Transformation took hold and since then he has been a model student.

He was captain of the lacross team and the lead in every school play (Konstantin in The Seagull and Melchior in Spring Awakening) He performs at a stellar academic and athletic level and is a natural leader to his peers. He smokes. He knows he's destined to stay with Mimi but he can't help to stray to Schuyler van Alen. They conducted an affair for several months, falling in love.

Jack took a year-long sabbatical from Duchesne, during which he was on a secret Venator mission with Charles Force to hunt Leviathan in Paris. He denounced his bond to Mimi and, injured during Leviathan's attack, drank from Schuyler. They fled the country, seeking refuge within the European Coven.

History: Danced the waltz with Allegra Van Allen in a past life in the Headquarters of American History ballroom- handsome and debonair in a white tuxedo with tails; married Mimi, Mimi was wearing a crown; in Rome during "the crisis"; founded Plymouth; Valerius to Mimi's Agrippina; Louis d'Orleans to Mimi's Elisabeth de Lorraine-Lillebonne; William White to Mimi's Susannah Fuller at Plymouth, he went with Myles Standish and discovered that Roanoke had been savaged.

His sword: Eversar Orbis ("World-breaker")
Pet: Bloodhound named Patch
Known Past Lives: Henry Searle (Newport), William White (Plymouth), Louis d'Orleans (Versailles), Valerius (Rome)
Familiars: Kitty Mullins (2006)
Conduit: N/A
Bond: Mimi Force

Source: http://www.bloodofblue.com/

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Character Biography: Jack Force
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